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Android Development

      With the fact that android is the fastest developing model of mobile phones, the demand for android apps has also touched the pinnacle. Since this cell phone model is a compact form of a multi-utility device which is efficient to perform numerous tasks at one time, people’s expectations are going high about it. Although, instant messaging, GPS, notes and many of other enticing features come in-built in almost every android device but an ardent android lover wants many more applications. No wonder, the key downloading center for androids ‘Google Play’ is home to thousands of alluring smart phone apps.

      Considering the fervor for smartphone apps, iDev Technolabs has expanded its mobile application service portfolio. With creative ideation and excellent professionals, we have excelled in the department of android apps development. Ranging from pulsating games to intelligent tracking applications, we have expertise in development of almost every sort of apps.

What we offer

        As an android development company, Idev Technolabs believe in spreading its wings. Thus, we our smartphone apps service spectrum is comprised of a varied range of solutions including –

Instant Messaging Solutions – although, Android has recently included blackberry messenger in its IM kitty but there is no limitation for developments. If you want to launch the most advanced IM and looking forward to hire android developers who can carry out the assignment in a well-organized manner, IDev Technolabs assures to provide you with the best service in class. Our creative team has fetched the most unique ideas till now and our android apps development team has given the exact embodiment to those ideas.

Games development – Considerably the most downloaded application for android and other smart phones, games get user of almost every age group going. IDev Technology has excelled in development of games for android phones.

Development of customized business apps – Your smart phone can play a crucial role in giving an edge to your business. IDev Technolabs develops easy to use and effective business apps customized according to your requirements.

How do we work ?

Idev Technolabs follows a simple process for its android application development service offerings. First of all we analyze your business objective and develop a solution according to your business needs.

The next process of our work flow is to conceptualization of the solution and creation of the application flow.

After creating work flow, we immediately cater the solution and deploy it to the app store. While deploying the application to the store, we take care that it supports the most friendly user interface and is easily downloadable.

Why Us?

        Idev Technolabs ensure that the application developed by it completely glitch-free. We also keep in note to timely introduce new versions of android applications to keep users’ interest intact in it. Cost effective price tag is our another feature which enables you to get state of the art technologies without spending too much.

        Idev Technolabs is a flag-bearing name in software solution development and android apps development. We partner you to bring mobility to your business.