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Pharmasoft (Pharmacy Management Software)

A comprehensive management system, handling stock, sales, purchases and accounting with detailed reports than any other Pharmacy Enterprise Resource Management Program ever made.


With Pharmasoft, one is able to track the batch of any item, handling multiple batches of the same item and track the suppliers’ details.
This unique feature is good enough to help realize if an item is expiring soon, or just one batch is expiring.
Warning on neocortices during a sales transaction also makes it possible to know what type of item to be sold to what type of people.

Sales & Sales Order

Our application has a sales order that makes it healthy enough not to reduce stock if a transaction is not converted into sales.
Pharmasoft also gives provision for bill limit and credit limit for the clients, as desired by the user. This makes it possible to monitor each client’s transactions.

Purchases & Purchase order

Unlike other Pharmacy ERPs, our application offers purchase order, that can be converted into purchases upon arrival of the item.
Here also credit limit, credit days and bill limit as set by the supplier can be added, so that if a bill is going beyond, you can know.


With growing businesses, sometimes people feel it is very expensive to hire an accountant. Pharmasoft covers this need by providing both final and financial computerized accounting with detailed multiple reports to ease the work of accounting, that even those without much knowledge of accounting can make the most out of their business.