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PhoneGap Mobile Application Development

      Leveraging open source HTML5 to make latest mobile applications there are many new development frameworks have been incepted. PhoneGap is one of them. It has taken to the first place due to its advanced features. PhoneGap is more popular due to its ability to give javascript access to the useful native features to web developers. Apart from it, PhoneGap also makes GPS, camera, databases and other APIs of mobile device more accessible as well as easier for integration.

      Making PhoneGap applications available for all, iDev Technolabs provides high-tech HTML5 application development services to its clients. With our extensive service spectrum, we venture to mix together the world of mobility with software development and give pace to mobile application development.

Why PhoneGap and iDev Technolabs?

      Using the modern features of PhoneGap, we easily deploy solutions to diversified mobile platforms such as iPhone/iOS, blackberry and Google Android. But if you are wondering on how does this mobile application framework work and how does iDev Technolabs use it? Here, we have simplified this latest framework and as well as our work-pattern –

PhoneGap framework is devised to work alike a bridge between web applications and mobile devices. It provides web developers the freedom to create web application inside a basic application. This makes mobile application development quiet favorable and easy.

Idev Technolabs uses these features of PhoneGap to create most pulsating mobile applications in short time and low cost. Since this is the most widely used mobi-app framework, it also increases the spectrum of your target audience.

Our expert PhoneGap developers reuse existing web technologies such as HTML and JavaScript for building of latest mobile friendly applications.

PhoneGap has the quality to leverage native capabilities of device to be functional in multiple platforms. iDev Technolabs ensures correct integration of such PhoneGap features in your mobile application.

With a team of dedicated phoneGap developers, iDev technolabs offer you the most profitable solutions, as our team has an expertise in reusing of codes from diversified mobile operating system using W3C technologies.

Whether you want an application for iOS, blackberry or android, we can develop a suitable application as per your choice. And also, the mobile applications developed by us belong to different genres such as music, travel, lifestyle, gaming, healthcare, entertainment, e-commerce etc.

To make sure that the solutions provided to you are fully effective and beneficial for your business, we perform the task of testing before delivering the service to you.

Although, we are an expert in development of latest mobile applications based on PhoneGap framework but we also provide our customized service to give PhoneGap makeover to your existing mobile applications.

Apart from iOS, blackberry and android platform, we also customize PhoneGap applications for windows mobile phones. Having your application on a windows device refers to exposure of your mobile application to all the windows systems across the world. It makes your client range larger than ever.

      Looking for a dedicated phonegap developer india/USA/UK/Europe, join hands with iDev Technology… the leading PhoneGap development company will partner you to make your business global.