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Wordpress Development

      If the credit of blogging revolution goes to anyone, they are those who incepted the ideas of wordpress. Today, wordpress is considered as one of the biggest content management systems. However, it came into its full-fledged form after a long period, as it took people a long time to recognize its complete ability. Wordpress is quiet easy to understand and that quality makes it more workable for developers and bloggers. Looking at the increasing popularity and its efficiency in content management, iDev Technolabs has introduced the brand new format of its wordpress web development services.

      A free content management system is the best advantage of wordpress. Apart from this, the CMS also provides you with the advantages of customized skin development options to make your blog look more interesting. It is a quite powerful content management system which has loads of flexibility. Wordpress has also reduced the learning curve which has made it immensely popular among bloggers; thus, people are fervently looking for wordpress web development services nowadays.

      As open source software, wordpress is free to be used by individuals and other professionals. Therefore, it encourages the possibilities of customization. To suffice peopleís requirements of custom wordpress design, iDev Technolabs has artistically included this service in its extensive wordpress web development solution kitty.

      WordPress CMS is based on languages of PHP and MQSL which brings a great webhosting service to you as well as provides you with an entirely free advanced age blogging tool. IDev Technolabs makes effort to convert this ultimate blogging tool and Content management system into a creative delight for you.

      Our web development team comprises some of the best wordpress web developers of the industry who continuously work to make this great CMS and blogging tool profitable to you. Our wordpress web development team customizes the CMS to make your literary produces better than ever. We hold an expertise in proffering diversified range of WP services as well as wordpress maintenance services. And some of the key proffering in wordpress web development segment from Idev Technolabs includes -

Word press website development

Wordpress custom skin design

Open source CMS development services

Wordpress blog development/customization of an existing blog

Word press theme design/customization services

Word press template design services

Development of all new wordpress blog theme design and development

Why iDev Technolabs?

      When you go online and google for an online wordpress Development Company, you find a vast list out there. But why you should prioritize iDev Technolabs over them? There are many reasons of hiring us as you wordpress web development partner. And, those reasons cannot be justified single pointer. So, scroll down to know about many features of iDev Technolabís service offering -

Technology gets a new avatar almost every day. And, web applications are no exceptions. The new amendments or features are added in existing versions of web solutions with help of plug-ins. Our WordPress developers add plug-ins to your WP websites as well as they add different useful apps to your webpage.

We have earned expertise in developing customized WordPress theme or design. And to make your WP based web page bug free, our wordpress website developers offer an uninterrupted maintenance support.

iDev Technolabs also provide WordPress solutions to increase search engine visibility of your website. And, we ensure that you do not pay a huge sum for such online recognition. Thus, we have kept our price quite competitive and service qualitative.